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Effective Surface Stain Removal

Polish Cleaning Paste can effectively clean stubborn oil stains, dirt, and black mold on stone surfaces.

Suitable for polished quartz tiles, quartz countertops, marble, granite, and various stone surfaces. This highly effective stain remover is mildly alkaline and won't damage the stone. It can also be used for heavy-duty cleaning at home, such as tackling kitchen and bathroom grease and grime.


Natural Carnauba Wax

Beautiful high-end stone requires regular maintenance to preserve its shine and brilliance.

Natural Carnauba Wax is a maintenance wax specially developed by XShine for stone. It is the only stone wax on the market that has passed SGS inspection. It enhances the luster of the stone, reduces dust adhesion, making it the best choice for the daily maintenance of stone.

It can be used on natural marble, granite, engineered marble, resin-based engineered stone, and more.


Natural Stone Anti-Stain Sealer

Stone possesses natural pores, allowing it to breathe and absorb colored contaminants such as coffee, soy sauce, oil, and colored markers.

The nanoscale formula of the Natural Stone Anti-Stain Sealer can penetrate deep into the pores of the stone, effectively blocking water-based and oil-based penetration (staining), achieving waterproofing and stain resistance. It prevents the mineral weakening of the stone caused by dampness. Suitable for various natural stone surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Neutral Class Cleaner

XShine Neutral Limescale Remover ensures that cleaning glass no longer damages the surrounding stone.

Suitable for cleaning soap scum and limescale on bathroom glass.


Effective Cleaning Tools

Regular home stone cleaning is crucial; keeping the stone dry and clean at all times means less time spent on restoration and tidying up in the future.

XShine’s cleaning tool series makes your daily cleaning efforts easier and more enjoyable, saving you time and effort.