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The previous article had many photos of different types of stones, but based on appearances alone, I still can't distinguish them. What should I do? This article provides you with more tips on discerning types of stones, follow these steps, and you'll be on the right track!

Distinguishing by "Hardness"

Find an inconspicuous spot and use a utility knife or an iron nail to scratch it.
* If there are scratches: "Natural Marble" or "Artificial Marble."
* If no scratches appear: "Natural Granite" or "Engineered Quartz Stone."


Using the sense of touch for temperature:

* If it feels cool to the touch: "Natural Marble" or "Natural Granite."

* If there is no cool sensation: "Engineered Quartz Stone" or "Artificial Marble."


Judging by Glossiness and Reflection:

* If the surface has a natural, bright luster, and the reflection is clear: "Natural Marble" or "Natural Granite."

* If the gloss is subduedly bright, and the reflection appears diffuse: "Engineered Quartz Stone" or "Artificial Marble."